Get Involved



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead

We welcome you to get involved in the Saturna Ecological Education Centre!

Even if you don't live on Saturna Island, you can pitch-in. You can donate services, equipment, land or money. You can join Friends of SEEC and get regular updates.

Many Thanks to all our volunteers and donors during the SEEC Fall/Winter Semester 2007/2008

Habitat Hosts:
   Bev and Graydon Bruce
   Steve and Laura Dunsmuir
Skill/Service Sponsors:
   Laura Dunsmuir
   Amber Jensen
   Shirlanne Johnson
   Elizabeth McColl
   Susanne Middleditch
   Judith Rees-Thomas
   Saturna Volunteer Firefighters
   Saturna Women's Service Club
   Priscilla Ewbank
   Athena George
Site Sponsors:
   The Campbells
Community Mentors:
   Richard Blagborne Ð coxswain
   Lester Bomford Ð construction
   Jacques Campbell Ð sheep farming
   Farley Dunsmuir Ð scriptwriting
   Priscilla Ewbank Ð nature studies
   Athena George Ð nature studies
   Brittney Gibson - construction
   Cassie Hull Ð kickboxking
   Hubertus Surm - cooking
   Community Connections Grant -
      facility development
   CRD - grant partnership
   Haggis Farm Bakery - goodies
   Mark's Work Warehouse Ð raingear
   Saturna Arts and Concert Society -
      salmon auction at Lamb BBQ
   All the Salmon Artists -
      salmon auction at Lamb BBQ
   Saturna Community Club - use of Hall
   Saturna General Store -
      treasure hunt, PR space
   Saturna Lions Club - water catchment
   Saturna Parks and Recreation Ð
   School District 64 -
      teachers, school, bus, promotion,
      encouragement and lots more
   Saturna Rec Centre - use of Centre
   Saturna Software Ð website
   Victoria Foundation -
      funding for volunteer coordinator
SEES Members:
   David Cheslow, Secretary
   Laura Dunsmuir,Treasurer
   Steve Dunsmuir, SEEC Liaison
   Athena George, President
   Wes Knapp, Member-at-Large
   Judith Rees-Thomas, Vice-President
   Bill Schermbruker, Member
   Susanne Middleditch,
      School District Liaison

If you want to help us, please print out, fill in and return this Volunteer Form. Thanks!