High School


  • We offer all of our program leadership and learning activities at no charge to our fellow School District #64 classes. Costs are calculated to provide food, accommodation and consumable learning resources.
  • Transportation will be provided free of charge from your island to ours using school district water taxis.
  • Choose your own program length based on the age, interests and abilities of your learners. The longer you stay, the deeper and more diverse the learning can be.

Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer for Gulf Islands School District Classes:
     September 24, 2007-June 30, 2008

Length of Program*Cost
Day Trippers:$5 per person
1 Night/2 Days:$20 per person
2 nights/3 days:$40 per person
3 nights/4 days:$60 per person

*Teachers and chaperones are included in the total count.

*Special diets may increase some costs per person.