High School


The SEEC Experience

Each SEEC experience includes:
  • Special delivery of a treasure chest of pre-visit information, engaging activities and intriguing artifacts designed to establish background knowledge and create excitement about the SEEC adventures to come.
  • A SEEC exploration booklet for each learner in which to collect and create feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and memories.
  • A scenic ocean cruise through the Gulf Islands.
  • Delicious and nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Rustic island accommodation, balancing comfort with adventure.
  • A challenging Hide and SEEC mystery for your class to solve.
  • Group building activities and cooperative problem solving challenges.
  • Full program leadership by experienced teaching staff, expert volunteers and our own student "environmentors".
  • Exciting night activities to explore the dark and build confidence.
  • A "Naturartistic" project leading to the creation of a meaningful keepsake.
  • Practical take-away resource package of ideas and activities that will allow you to extend the SEEC learning experience beyond your visit to Saturna.