High School


We envision an exciting future for ecological education on Saturna Island. Hard work, creativity and passion have launched us upon this important journey. Supportive partners, community resources and generous sponsorship from environmentally conscious businesses will help us to...

  • Facilitate year round ecological education opportunities for learners of all ages.
  • Create residential facilities that are a model of "green" design.
  • Thoughtfully develop our own SEEC site and facilities from the ground up.
  • Provide safe and ecologically friendly transportation for our learners.
  • Offer family, adult, corporate, international, post secondary and eco-tourism programs, workshops and retreats!
  • Support the Saturna Island community by employing local people, purchasing goods and services and attracting environmental visitors to the island.
  • Become a world-class environmental education centre that promotes the development of ecologically literate and responsible global citizens.