High School

Environmental Studies 11

Are you looking for a unique and exciting new learning adventure that combines environmental education, community leadership, hands-on exploration and an opportunity to work as part of a dynamic team? What if you could do all of that while earning up to 16 key credits towards graduation at the same time?

The Environmental Studies 11 program at the Saturna Ecological Education Centre (SEEC) is offering a groundbreaking new way of learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom to make use of the natural and community resources of Saturna Island as a rich and diverse environmental classroom.

Explore Biology 11 and English 11 with an integrated environmental theme that enhances your post-secondary and employment opportunities in a world where the health of our planet is everybody's growing concern.

Discover the intriguing world of Teaching & Learning 11: Beyond the Classroom, to gain new understandings about your own learning style and how to become a more effective learner, leader and teacher.

Add in Community Connections *IDS, a course that allows you to explore your own community interests in almost any subject area from Foods to Physical Education, and you're on your way to an exciting semester that you'll never forget.

Here's how it could look...

Biology 114 credits
English 114 credits
Teaching & Learning 114 credits
Community Connections *IDS2 or 4 credits
Total14 to 16 credits

This new program is offered at the Saturna Ecological Education Centre on beautiful Saturna Island for three days each week. A fourth day will be co-planned for project work, extended studies and other learning adventures on your own island or beyond. Free water taxi travel to and from Saturna will be available each day, as well as comfortable home stays on Saturna that will allow you to cut travel time, create new connections and immerse yourself in a unique island culture.