High School

Highschool Overview

Why Study at SEEC?

Start your day with a free ocean cruise to the most wild and natural Southern Gulf Island!

Develop your own environmental or community focused Independent Directed Studies course with guidance from your teacher. Explore your curiousities, wonders and passions in greater depth than ever before!

Go beyond the walls of the regular classroom to experience a variety of settings that best fit your learning goals. Our island is your classroom.

Participate in exciting newly developed courses exploring teaching and learning and the natural world through hands-on and minds-on experiences.

Make use of SEEC's excellent facilities, top-notch learning resources and high-speed learning centre to support your own program and access distance learning opportunities.

Earn high school course credits while setting yourself up for future employment opportunities through the development of important and authentic attitudes, skills, knowledge and connections.

Gain knowledge and inspiration from Saturna's fascinating forests, beautiful beaches, and other natural treasures.

Become a responsible and respected member of our community by adding your strengths, talents and energy to important projects that make a real positive difference for people and the natural world around us.

Be one of the first SEEC learners and leaders who helps to shape and support this groundbreaking educational opportunity!

Try something new! You never know where it will take you!